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Clinically proven to not clog your pores – even after 28 days. Because you needed it to be!

What did you all have in common?

85% of you haven’t visited dermatologist but wanted products you’d enjoy putting on your skin. 

Why did we choose Niacinamide?

Niacinamide was clearly the most consistent ingredient you were seeing good results with, so we took what worked and made it so much better. We’re glad we did, it was the right call, and it was all. For. you!

Why did you produce a booster?

The vicious cycle of a weakened skin barrier caused by over-usage of acids and other harsh chemicals made most of you have an overproduction of oil. It was vital for us to create a product that could support your barrier and boost up the foundation!

Meet the Ingredients you guided us to

Niacinamide: The Great Barrier Relief

Niacinamide is a wonder ingredient that helps skin improve its natural production of ceramides, helping renew and restore its barrier against moisture loss and dehydration. Over time these ceramides deplete if left alone, leaving your skin vulnerable to extreme sensitivity and dryness.

It’s so versatile that it complements all your existing skincare (including those containing retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, AHAs, BHAs, vitamin C and any antioxidants) and it can used alongside other niacinamide-containing products.

No matter what your skin type – even if it’s sensitive or rosacea-prone, you’ll have no problem tolerating niacinamide.

Adaptogens: The Resilience Force

These natural herbs and plants, found in our long-lasting foundation formula, help us bio regulate. In other words, they assist the human body in resisting a wide range of physical, chemical and biological stressors such as pollution, climate change and temperature fluctuations. 

They are extremely effective when used in skincare products as they can minimize redness, help lighten dark spots and reduce inflammation while helping to support a healthy skin barrier function. We have selected a blend of nine, naturally-sourced and preservative free adaptogenic botanical extracts for our Hi-Function Foundation

Adaptogen ingredients show a 10% improvement of overall skin appearance after 8 wks * (Raw material ingredient testing).

Microalgae: The Minute Marine Miracles

Our Oil-Control Booster contains fermented micro algae from the Mediterranean Sea. They reduce sebum production that can lead to oily skin while helping your skin to relax and become less sensitive. It works best when teamed with the Niacinamide in our Hi-Function Foundation.

If you’ve read any reports about algae being responsible for comedones, don’t worry. There’s good algae and bad algae. Good algae to look out for include: tetraselmis suecica, spirulina, ahnfeltia concinna (red algae), Gigartina skottsbergii and Undaria pinnatifida. Ones to avoid are Carrageenan, Chondrus crispus (aka Irish moss or carrageen moss) and Sodium Alginate. The good ones are micro not macro algae.

Hyaluronic Acid: The Heavyweight Hydrator

Did you know, Hyaluronic Acid is capable of holding up to 1000 x its own weight in water? No surprise then that it’s been dubbed a miracle ingredient. Found in our Oil-Control Booster, it helps hydrate your skin, giving it renewed vitality and bounce.

It works by attracting and binding water molecules beneath the skin surface.

It also brings about the best in other ingredients, helping to speed up their effectiveness.

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